summer's end

The seasons are shifting. Time for change, for fresh starts, for clean slates. It's funny, even now after all these years of being out of school, September always feels like the "new year." It seems only rational to me that my mind is a buzz with new projects, new ideas and resolutions, if you will.

Back in the winter I promised myself I would be better with the blog and better with taking pictures. So after being delinquent on the blog all summer, last week I put my money where my mouth is and invested in a new, well old camera. A Canon EOS 30D. Then spent the weekend experimenting and generally feeling discouraged. All I can say is, I’m happy I choose flowers as my profession ;) 

These shots from my much-needed and restful cottage weekend, are not great, BUT a VAST improvement from the first few hundred I took on Thursday! 

So, I'll keep working on it... one of my "new year's" resolutions.
Hope you all had fabulous Labour Day Weekends! (Happy New Year! haha)

 *ps. To all my photographer friends out there and you know who you are - all I can say is - man you guys are seriously talented!