vicky & phil | tara mcmullen photography

A year ago today, Vicky & Phil got married!

I loved every stage of working with them on their beautiful and whimsical wedding at the Arcadian Court. And loved even more the amazing friendship that Vicky and I developed out of it.

These gorgeous shots were captured by another dear friend, the ever-so-talented Tara McMullen

Happy Anniversary Vicks & Phil! So happy for you guys xo


jo's last day

Today is Joanna's last day with Sweet Woodruff and a really sad day for all of us as we bid her a fond farewell. 

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Jo for everything she has brought to Sweet Woodruff and remind her one last time just how special and integral she has been. Not just to the shop, but to me, in this first year.

Joanna's truly natural talent and skill was apparent from the moment I met her. With no formal background in floral design, we started off with what was supposed to be a trial internship. Much to my surprise - her very first day turned into a full-fledged wedding design and set-up with just the two of us! It was second nature to her. And from there she just kept getting better and better and better... After that day I learned quite quickly that there isn't much she can't do. Her talents are endless!

Her passion and excitement for flowers and for learning something new was infectious. She reminded me why I truly love what I do so much, and renewed my own passion. Her presence in the shop really brought a new life to it. But it was not simply her skills that she brought to the shop - it was her kindness, her generosity of spirit, her compassion, her humour, her friendship.

Over the past year, I have also been lucky enough to get to know Jo on a personal level. We have shared many tears and many laughs and even had a few dance parties. Jo has been an incredible friendAnd at such a young age, I am always always amazed at her grace, maturity and beauty.

So, Jo my darling, good luck with your new adventure in Hamilton. I know in my heart that whatever you do, you will be amazing at it. I am so excited for you and all the incredible things that await you!


Beautiful portraits by Vicky Starz Photography