fall flower retreat with when he found her

The Sweet Woodruff Fall Flower Retreat is a chance to recharge your creative batteries, and escape to cottage country. It is flower immersion for flower enthusiasts, aspiring floral and event designers, or designers who simply want to improve their design skills, while surrounded by others who share a love of this industry.

Day 1: Connect Collaborate Create

Not only is this retreat an amazing chance to immerse yourself in your floral education, but a chance to connect with other kindred flower friends. Because there really is something so special about what we do and how much we love it, this 3 day retreat is a chance to embrace our passion and talk about our shared experiences.  
On Day 1 of our flower retreat we will delve into smart business practices, building your brand, sourcing & finding the ideal client.

Day 2: Floral Design & Creative Projects

Retreat attendees will have the opportunity to learn from and work beside the Sweet Woodruff team, as we guide you through the world of floral design and styling with tutorials and hands on lessons.
On Day 2 of our floral retreat attendees will learn flower composition and design techniques for arrangements, bouquets and boutonnieres using the most beautiful seasonal blooms, while gaining lots of hands on experience.

Day 3: Styling & Photo Shoot

This is may be the most beautiful time of year in northern Ontario, when the trees begin to change colours, the leaves start to fall and the hot hazy days of summer fade away. You can actually feel the seasons shift. It is the perfect time of year to capture our autumnal themed collaborative photo shoot set against the peaceful lakeside setting.
Our creative endeavour will be captured by the ever so talented, film photographer Reid Lambshead, of When He Found Her.  These photos will then be yours to have in your portfolio and share on multiple social media platforms.


Investment: $1800 includes lodging, meals, transportation, fresh flowers, materials & digital photography files. 8 spots available.

Lodging: We will be staying at a charming lakeside cottage and in Minden Hills, Ontario surrounded by beautiful Northern Ontario wilderness (the perfect place for foraging!) Both shared rooms & individual rooms are available.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks will be provided

Transportation available to and from Minden Hills, departing from 1 of 2 locations: Fairview Mall in the north end of Toronto & Union Station in downtown Toronto 

For more information or to book your spot email: lisa@sweetwoodruff.ca



Our sweet and lovely Cara is moving to Australia! And today is sadly, her last day. We thought we'd finish out her time with us with joint blog post from all of us... so bare with us, we have a lot to say haha

From Lisa...
When we first met Cara, we knew immediately that we wanted her on our team! The thing that first stood out to me, was Cara 's understanding of the commitment and hard work that this career takes. She understood that it wasn't always going to be glamorous and romantic, and that didn't scare her away. She was willing to put in the effort, she just got it. She was determined to become a fantastic designer – and that’s just what she did! In the year that Cara worked with us she grew in to the most incredibly talented designer. And I’m so proud of the work that she has done with us.

Cara’s passion and true love of our art form was apparent right from the beginning. It was definitely the thing that the three of us bonded over. There really is something so special about loving this one thing so much, and loving it together. This one thing that most other people don’t love as much as you do, or don’t even understand. It brings you together in ways you don’t expect... But there is something else. This connection. This bond. This friendship that we have. And it’s pretty special.

While Cara is an amazingly hardworking and talented designer, I think what I will miss most about her is her truly beautiful soul. Her kind heart and amazing sense of humour make her one of those people that you just want to be around all the time. She has a warmness that radiates from her. I can say without hesitation that she is one of the loveliest people that I know.

So, while I am deeply saddened that our friend is leaving us, I am thrilled for this adventure she is about to go on! And I am so excited to watch her grow and achieve all the amazing things I just know she is going to achieve.

Love you Cara Cara. It's happening! It's happening!

From Jordana...
About a year ago I was working all alone in the shop. Making arrangements, cleaning flowers, etc etc. In walks a sweet looking lady. She takes a minute to browse the shop (the kind of browsing where you’re not actually browsing, more so, waiting to make a move). She finally walks up to the bar where I’m working, and introduces herself.

“Hi. I’m Cara. I wanted to drop off my resume, and see if you guys were hiring.”

Cara was one of the many many girls to have done this. Tons of interested people stop by looking to live out their flower dreams, but not everyone has that thing that makes it possible.

Cara’s potential was very apparent. I could see it in her eyes, feel her energy. She wanted it, she was willing to work hard at it, and she absolutely loved it. Like really loved it. I had a good feeling about her, so I of course relayed the interaction to Lisa, and told her she had to meet her. That week Lisa met with Cara, felt it too, and hired her on the spot. The rest is history.

Ok, I’ll give you a little more.

Cara started on a big wedding weekend in the fall of 2013. When we have a big weekend things can get crazy. Buckets, vases, ribbon. Green bin filling up every half hour. Flowers. Everywhere. It is very easy to get overwhelmed in there, but she didn’t. She jumped right into the mess with us. She didn’t sit on the sidelines and wait for guidance, her intuition was on point and she picked up the job so naturally.

Having only had her own personal trials with designing and flowers, she was the most eager and interested learner I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. She wanted to know everything, and watch everything. She would watch me work, asking why and how, and where. It helped me grow even more as a designer. Being able to guide, teach, and watch her grow. Together, the three of us could take over the world. We have formed a beautiful bond that thrives in the creative space. I feed off both of them like crazy. We confide in each other, support, suggest, and trust. I trust these two ladies with my life. And I know they feel the same.

This story takes a turn now.

A few months ago, Cara’s amazing husband Noah got an incredible job offer, in Sydney.
When she told us that they were going to be moving to Australia at the end of the summer, both of our hearts broke. It’s taken a long time to find someone like her. Someone who not only is an amazing employee, but a true friend. Spending about 85% of my waking moments with this lady, she has become one of my closest friends. She knows me, and I know her, and I am incredibly sad to see her leave. But I am incredibly happy to see her thrive.

Sydney is an amazing adventure. I know the two of them will make magic over there, and I am confident that she will continue to grow. I’ve watched Cara turn into an amazing designer. She never gives up. She wants to be better, always, and that is something that sets her apart from the others. I feel so proud, and happy, and sure. I am so sure that she will be great, because she already is.

To my amazing coworker, I will miss your beautiful energy, creativity, and hard working presence in the shop. To my dear friend, I will miss your smile and laugh everyday. You are very much a huge reason as to why I love my job so much. You make the long days when we’re half delusional, so bearable. I will miss you. Sydney is incredibly lucky to have you, but know that Toronto (and Sweet Woodruff) will always love you.


joey butta 

From Cara...
Today is my last day at sweet woodruff. It’s the day I have been dreading since we got the happy/sad news that my husband had been offered a wonderful position in Australia.  My heart breaks to leave my job, but I will always be grateful for the year I spent as one of the “girls of sweet woodruff”, as we like to call ourselves.

I had admired the work of Lisa and Jordana from afar, and after working alongside these two talented ladies for a year, I am still in awe of their abilities. I will miss the sweet shop on Dundas, I will miss the beautiful flowers, I will miss the weddings and events in our beloved Toronto, but mostly I will miss them. We did some pretty incredible weddings, worked some late nights, early mornings and really just threw ourselves into whatever projects came our way. We became fast friends and bonded instantly over our love of flowers, redecorating our apartments and our ability to quote any line from any episode of any season of sex and the city (even the second movie which was horrible!). Sometimes it feels like I spend more time with these girls than my husband! They have truly become my flower family.

Liesel, It’s no secret that you’ve been my girl crush since even before I met you (but we won’t talk about that awkward star struck on Queen Street incident).
You are magic and there is no better way to describe working for you than by saying it has been an absolute pleasure. I love watching you work. When you make a bouquet or an arrangement it’s a privilege to witness. Sometimes Joey and I just completely stop what we are doing to watch you. Your incredible sense of style translates to all areas of your life; your bouquets, your home, your outfits, and the way you run your business-all of it is truly beautiful. I don’t know anyone who works harder than you, and yet you still find the time to remember the little things going on in everyone else’s life. You are simply wonderful. Thank you for taking a chance on me, mentoring me, and reliving every hilarious scene from the movie bridesmaids with me daily.

Joey Buttacup, you are always making us laugh and reminding us that life is beautiful. You make everything fun including taking out the garbage and dragging a bucket of cement up the basement steps. Your compassion for all things living is inspiring, even when you direct that love towards the odd slug we find (!!!). Your floral skills amaze me everyday, as does your ability to talk in a German accent for 9 hours straight. Your eye for beauty, even outside of the shop, constantly inspires me. You see it everywhere and in everyone and I love that about you. Good luck with your plant rehab center, bring our babies back to life!

I will miss creating beauty with you girls and I will miss you both like mad. Come see me soon in OZ!


sweet photos by our friend Tara McMullen