winter peonies

I love peonies! And while they do tend to remind me of the spring, I love that you can get them at this time of year too, imported from South America. They look beautiful in all the seasonal arrangements I'm doing right now, like big fluffy white snowballs. The best looking blooms this fall/winter season are typically available in late November, but they're still available right now. Get in touch to place an order this week.

Red & white ranunculus available from my studio for orders this week too!


  1. Anonymous5.12.11

    Wow Lisa! These are so beautiful (P.S. it's Shalini - your August bride!) Also how ironic that these are available before and after August haha, my favourite flowers, unavailable specifically for my wedding date! Digging your blog too btw xo

  2. Shalini! I know, so sad that they weren't available - and now I think about you all the time whenever I see peonies. But I think everything turned out pretty gorgeous anyway! Can't wait to see more pics. xo