2011. Whoa what a year.

If I had asked myself, one year ago to this very day “what will you be doing in a year from now?” I’m pretty sure blogging about my very own floral business wouldn’t have been my answer. And here I am, blogging away!

This past year has been a blur. I sometimes don’t even feel like this is my life, I feel like how can this life belong to me?! To wake up to this job, to sweet woodruff has made me happy in a way I didn’t know I could be.

But it hasn't been all a bed of roses (haha flower pun, god you are so dorky) there have been bumps and struggles too. Mine, the same as any other fledgling business: not enough money, not enough time, some rookie mistakes, social life obliterated, how do I use this twitter thing?, and really not enough time, seriously not enough time. But all worth it. My best friend asked me the other day, have you had any moments of regret? Not even a twinge.

So 2011 has left me hopeful and very happy to say the least. But if I’m being very honest, it has also left me wantful. Oh, I am in such a place of want. I want so many big things for sweet woodruff!

My biggest want, is something I fantasize about daily, think about constantly, it keeps me excited and awake at night, it drives me: to finally open up a shop. A little place to call my own, a place for Sweet Woodruff to grow in. I honestly think about it so much, I can tell you what it will smell like! (beautiful and sweet, but a bit woodsy too) So the hunt continues for the perfect plot in the city.

Other wants for this year include some that are less tangible, some lofty, some less, some meaningful, some less.

In 2012 I want to
Take more pictures (and have more pictures taken)
Be inspired.
Keep learning (New York Flower School in February, here I come!!! Thanks P&G!!!)
Have a voice. Put myself out there. Be bold, don’t hold back.
Sleep earlier.
Finally get the website up!!!
Keep grounded and patient.
Waste less floral foam. Waste less everything really.
Keep loving big and hard and without reservations or fear.
Be brave.
Probably eat less sweets. Scratch that.
Be ambitious, but humble.
Blog more. 
Learn to tweet (ughhh)
Be proud. 
Probably hire someone to help with the numbers.
Be grateful and empathetic. 
Just keep going.

Thanks to all of you who kept visiting the blog, ordering beautiful flowers and spreading the word in 2011, you made it a pretty amazing year. To my brides of 2012, you have no idea - I'm so excited! I can't wait! To my future customers that I have even yet to meet, I can't wait to hear from you too!

I think 2012 will be pretty cool. Stay tuned.

Lise xo 

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