merry christmas!

Christmas is here. My favourite time of year. There is something so special about it to me, even now as an adult it feels magical. This was my first Christmas in the shop! And I took full advantage of it, turning the store into a little woodsy winter wonderland.

I wanted to start decorating the minute it got cold out  (first week of November) Luckily my girls at the shop talked me out of it! (Ha ha thanks ladies!) We waited until the last week of November instead, and it felt totally appropriate. Vicky came in and took photos. We made a wreath. We made a wreath wall. Jo and I set up a festive, glittery front window that just sparkles from the street at night. We set a Christmas table with Satsuma oranges. We lit candles at night. We revelled in all the gorgeous smells of the winter greens (even though all of us are allergic to them – it didn’t stop us)

Last year I did Christmas arrangements from my studio, but with the shop this year I got to chat with people as they came in and hear all about their plans for the holidays with their families. I got to sell people the gifts they would be giving to the people they love. It was special.

As we finish up the weekend and sell the last of the winter blooms in the cooler, I can’t help but feel so grateful. So blessed. So happy for my little shop. For my amazing girls that work in the shop with me, Joanna & Jordana, who are not only talented but incredibly kind and warm - the best shop girls a shop owner could ask for! For my amazing clients. For all my brides and grooms. For my talented colleagues. For my endlessly supportive family.    

I hope your holidays are filled with love, family, laughter… and maybe even a little bit of cheer. Happiest and warmest holiday wishes to all of you!

Merry Christmas! xo

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