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Carly and I first met at a Starbucks in the days before the shop was open, before the website was up, before there was really much to show for Sweet Woodruff... It was so hard back then to be able to translate my vision without any tangibles. But Carly and I always seemed to just get each other. And she put total faith in me to help her create the scene for her big day with Mike - which meant the world to me.

Carly was a hilarious bride - she literally made me laugh out loud - her emails were hilarious. Even their engagement story made me giggle. I loved our consultations (and not just because she brought me the most delicious homemade cookies!) She was just a joy to have around.

And I loved doing their wedding! The day itself was gorgeous. Perfect for a summer wedding  at Evergreen Brick Works. Lush. Sunny. Blue skied. Warm. Heaven.  

And Carly looked like such a knock-out! That dress? Wow!

Carly & Mike put so much effort into making their day something so special and memorable. Every element, down to the tiniest detail, wove in stories about their lives together, their family, and Carly's son Griffin. It was awesome working with 10tation to execute Carly's beautiful vision.

I am so grateful to have been a part of their day.

Beautiful photos by Renaissance Studios 

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