becca & darrin | christine lim

I love making new friends, and I love when friends introduce me to other friends. That's how I met Becca, through my dear friend Marie. The two of them came in for a visit early in the summer and we chatted over tea about our mutual love of ribbon! (Which of course we then used to adorn her beautiful bouquet on her wedding day, loads of long flowing dreamy strands of it)

It was a pleasure to do the flowers for Becca & Darrin's wedding. The cherry on top... having another sweet friend turn out to be their wedding photographer! (Stunning job Christine) I love what a small world it can be.


  1. Hi
    It feels so nice to find somebody with some original thoughts on regarding Really thankful to you for starting this

  2. Love the sweet and dainty color of the bouquet. Really lovely :) The long ribbon strands made it so much prettier!