the girls of sweet woodruff

If you've been in our shop or you've read the blog then you've definitely met or heard me talk about the talented girls that I work with, Jordana & Cara. And it will be absolutely no surprise to you how much I completely adore these two. I love how we collaborate together, I love how we inspire each other, I love how we encourage each other, I love how we make each other laugh. I love that these two talented beauties are who I get to share my every day with.

And now, I get to share them and their brilliance with you!

Our Sweet Woodruff blog has a new voice, well two actually. Look out for the new posts from all of us - the whole team - starting this week!

*Also, this is clearly not a picture of the three of us together (because I don't have a picture of the three of us together - which must be rectified immediately!!!!) but it is a picture of me right before I so elegantly fell off a ladder... one of Jordana's fondest memories of me to date ;)

photo by Rebecca Amber 

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