meet cara

Hello! my name is Cara and I am the newest member of the Sweet Woodruff team! 

For as long as I can remember I've been drawn to beauty and creating with my hands. Flowers were no exception, but growing up with 3 brothers made me feel embarrassed about being a girl or anything that was considered "girly". So I pretended that I liked it when they cut my Barbie's heads off. At this stage in my life I was a closet florist, saving dandelions (which I was convinced were flowers) from the lawn mower and secretly talking to tulips in my mother's garden. This was up until Mary-kate and Ashley Olsen taught me that it was fun to be a girl! 

Thanks to MK&A you can still find me talking to tulips, just no longer in secret.

Sometimes I think as young adults we don't trust our gut enough. We end up doing what we think we should do instead of what we really want to do. So thats kind of what happened to me. When I confirmed that spending my days doing paperwork at a desk was not my life's passion, I finally listened to my gut and pursued floral design full time. Sweet woodruff was my first and only choice. Lisa's designs, shop and overall aesthetic were everything that I loved. I've been working at the shop for 6 months now and I've never been happier. Working alongside Lisa and Jordana I find myself constantly inspired and learning new things. The three of us still get starstruck with every new box of flowers that arrive. I cannot wait for this upcoming summer and all of the beautiful weddings and flowers we will get to work with.

Now if you would like to know more, I also really love my husband, traveling, killer whales and trying to be stronger than all the boys at the gym.

 Photos by Katya Leclerc

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