a year in review: 2014

How is it possible that all at once 2014 seemed to fly by, but last January somehow feels like 3 years ago instead of only one? Looking back it seems impossible that we fit in all the things that we did. But we did. I guess to say this past year was full, would be a bit of an understatement. But I'll say it anyway. This past year was full.

I recently reread my review of 2013 blog post and I felt surprisingly successful at how many of my goals I accomplished. I wanted to continue to grow the business and strengthen our brand. I did. I wanted us to continue to develop and hone our flower skills. We did. I wanted us to continue to design amazing weddings and events. We did. I wanted us to blog more. We definitely didn't, but 3 out 4 ain't so bad. 

Jordana and I agreed at the beginning of last year that we wanted to spend 2014 traveling and learning. So in April we took a roadtrip and drove to Virginia to go to the Flowerwild Workshop at Pippin Hill. It was an amazing and beautiful experience with a lot of take-aways and fun memories. We met some amazing new flower friends like Mallory Joyce (Mallory I hope our paths cross again soon!) and had our work photographed by Corbin GurkinI left feeling validated and encouraged. 

The summer was filled with a TON of gorgeous weddings. We said goodbye to one of our favourite people, Cara, who moved to Australia with her husband (we still miss you Princess Peach!) And welcomed a whole new slew of talented beauties from all over globe: Lauren, Meghan, Jenn and Lauren W. 

As the business grew and we took on more beautiful weddings, we quickly ran out of space to design them in. Our retail shop was taken hostage by buckets upon buckets of over spilling blooms. So we temporarily moved our retail outpost down the street and setup shop for the summer and the fall in Le Dolci, a sweet cake and cupcake bakery. We loved our little outpost there and were so grateful to our neighbors for hosting us when we couldn't fit in our own space.

In September we hosted the Fall Flower Retreat up north with When He Found Her. We had the most amazingly talented participants and I just can't wait to share all their incredible work (posting very soon!). 

The fall came and more travel. I was fortunate enough to make my way out to BC twice this year to work with my favourite wedding planner and dear friend Ashley of  Spread Love Events. My first trip, to work on a spectacular wedding on the Sunshine Coast with my foraging partner in crime, Tahnee from Celsia. My second trip out west, to attend and assist at the Joy Thigpen Workshop with Gucio Photography. More beauty. More learning. More take-aways. More special flower friends.

In November Jordana and I were invited to join The Nouveau Romantics team and we flew down to Texas to work on the biggest wedding either of us have ever been a part of. It was one of the craziest experiences I have had. To see how an event of that size comes together, was nothing shy of awe-inspiring. And nothing quite bonds you like the delirium of no sleep and working for 48 hours straight, so we now feel pretty tight with Melissa from Twigss Floral Studio ;) This wedding was one of our last of 2014 and I think it was an appropriate was to wrap up a crazy year!

In 2014 Jordana and I invested a lot of time and effort in becoming good designers. And we are good designers, in fact I think we're great ones. But now I want to be a good business owner, in fact I want to be a great one. Lately, instead of flower books and design blogs I find myself  devouring business books and listening to entrepreneur-focused Podcasts. I can't seem to learn enough, fast enough. As the business grew this year, it grew bigger than me and faster than me and sometimes even without me. Somehow uncertainty creeped in. At times I wasn't sure if I knew what move to make next or what was the right decision for Sweet Woodruff. It was the first time I had experienced doubt while running my business. 

So, if 2014 was a year of travel, exploration and honing our creative skills, my hope for 2015 is that it is a year of developing my business skills, and growing Sweet Woodruff in smart and manageable way. 2015 has big BIG changes on the horizon (more to come on those!) and I am doing my best to feel excited about them. Time moves us forward.

Photos by: Corbin GurkinWhen He Found Her, Tara McMullen, Vicky Starz, Heidi Lau Photography, Katya Leclerc, Rebecca Wood 


  1. Congratulations on a wonderful Lisa (and Jordana!) I'm constantly inspired and amazed by your brand and I'm hoping we get to work together (or I at least get to photograph some of your amazing florals and decor!) very soon!

  2. Congratulations on being featured on Flowerona. I've been following that blog for a few months now and it was a lovely surprise to see Rona feature some Canadian content. Your work is so lovely. All the best for a wonderful 2015. I would love to work with you one day!