tea with amy

 (Photo: Amy Merrick)

The last brag blog about my NYC trip :)

My New York flower-extravaganza wouldn't have been complete without getting to meet and chat with Amy Merrick, another one of my flower idols. Her work is stunning and her website equally so.

So when she graciously agreed to meet with me and let me pick her brain I was thrilled!

We met in Brooklyn at a little bakery and coffee shop, Bakeri. Amy was sweet and humble, modest even. She told me about cool upcoming projects and the exciting news of her studio (the pictures of it look so cool). We talked about how she got started and getting up and going on her own... very motivating for a beginner like me.

I was even lucky enough to get a sneak preview of a photo shoot she did for a wedding mag. All I can say is, stunning!

Ps. That's one of my favourite arrangements by Amy pictured above... How can you not love this girl?? She's got some serious talent!

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